solutions to aid your business valuation and stock ownership participation.

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Reward in Equity. Your colleagues, customers and stakeholders are your greatest asset. Convert your equity into your most valuable product.

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Unlock Value. Regular assessment of the value of your business provides insights and opportunities to work, finance and reward.

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Vested interest: Your company's value is subject to much interpretation. Nobody wants to join a team when no participation principles, values and valuation terms are set.


To empower.

To empower entrepreneurs, co-owners and investors to determine and substantiate value in the company's equity and investment opportunities.


To aid.

To aid companies in making the right decisions based on their own subjective, qualitative and quantitative interpretation of how to value, reward and share equity.


Accessible solutions.

Easy to use, fast and comprehensible solutions that anybody can understand to use, interpret and pay for.

propel your business
With agreed terms, the best teamS win

evalueaid provides worthy solutions to empower you to evaluate and determine participation and valuation. Two solutions: ValueAid and ParticipAid.

Input your values, your results and your ambitions. Determine the method(s) to value your venture. Assign your qualitative and quantitative weighting and valuate.
That's it.

Input what you stand behind and deliver what you stand for and substantiate.
ValueAid empowers you to calculate and substantiate your valuation as often, as simple, as complex and as detailed as you wish.  

Standardisation and simplification with the aim to make it accessible to anyone is our goal, so we can all become more engaged with each other, through investment and / or participation. ParticipAid.

Set your terms and conditions. Invite the players. Keep record. Divide. Conquer. Everything is better together.

Turn your equity in the share your colleagues and stakeholders want to be rewarded in.

provides you the framework to value, record and reward in equity.

Without accessible tools to calculate, determine and substantiate how valuable your company is, you will never leverage your full potential! evalueaid

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